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... 6 ACRP LRD 43 Chapter III introduces the authorities, roles, and responsibilities of each federal agency that issues rules and regulations affecting telecommunication activity at U.S. airports.
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... ACRP LRD 43 7 As further discussed in Chapter V, infra, the FCC has created the 5G Fast Plan to foster the development of 5G. The plan seeks to increase the spectrum available for commercial use, facilitate infrastructure updates, and review existing regulations that may hinder 5G deployment.
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... 8 ACRP LRD 43 Finally, the sixth generation of broadband cellular networks (6G) is currently under development with an anticipated release by 2030.
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... ACRP LRD 43 9 based on the IEEE standards such as WiGig for multimedia applications and HaLow for sensor networks.20 Apart from speed, Wi-Fi continues to improve its network sign-in processes, which enable new network offerings through seamless and secure authentication.21 The Wi-Fi Alliance's Passpoint enables automatic network discovery, selection and signup, seamless access, and roaming.22 The Wireless Broadband Alliance has leveraged Passpoint to create a federation of networks and identity providers to create an interoperable network called OpenRoaming.23 When a visitor enters a federation facility, the visitor will seamlessly be granted access to the Wi-Fi network based on the facility access policy. OpenRoaming has led to other service offerings like Google's Orion, which creates a marketplace between the mobile user's cellular carrier and the facility in which the user is located.

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