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Appendix B: Committee Members' Biographical Sketches
Pages 215-218

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From page 215...
... She studies emerging technologies, their energy and environmental impacts, and their potential to influence greenhouse gas and air pollutant emissions, water consumption, and energy consumption at the economy-wide level. Particular technologies of interest include biofuels and bioproducts, automotive lithium-ion batteries, waste plastics recycling and utilization, advanced manufacturing, and fuels and chemicals made from natural gas liquids.
From page 216...
... She is internationally renowned for developing economic models to analyze the direct lifecycle greenhouse gas savings, indirect land use change effects, and biogenic carbon emission effects of first- and second-generation biofuels and of bioelectricity. She has deep expertise in data needs, modeling assumptions, integrating economic and ecosystem models, and uncertainty analysis to study the implications of various methods for life-cycle analysis on the estimates of greenhouse gas savings and land use change due to low carbon fuels under a range of climate and renewable energy policies, including the Low Carbon Fuel Standard, the Renewable Fuel Standard, carbon taxes, and others.
From page 217...
... Steffen Mueller leads the Bioenergy and Sustainable Landscapes Research Group at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Research activities focus on life-cycle emissions analyses of fuel pathways including greenhouse gas emissions assessments from land use change related to biofuels and bioenergy production, quantification of carbon emissions and sequestration effects from production agriculture, and comparative emissions assessments between biofuel and electric vehicle use.
From page 218...
... Her prior awards include the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship, ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering Lectureship, and the Secretary of Energy's Achievement Award. She has published more than 60 articles in journals including PNAS, Energy & Environmental Science, Science Advances, and Nature.

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