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Appendix I: Table of Common Hydrocarbon Degraders
Pages 491-492

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... ; rare in forms emulsions; early responder; Gregson et al., 2019; of alkyl-cycloalkanes pristine waters; DNA de- widespread; found in partnership Joye and Kostka 2020; and alkyl aromatics tected in polar areas but only with marine invertebrates; often Van Landuyt et al., 2020 isolated from more temperate early to bloom in response to oil environments Methane and liquid Candidatus Oil-contaminated marine Bloomed in Gulf of Mexico after Karthikeyan et al., 2019 alkanes Macondimonas sediments worldwide Deepwater Horizon to 30% of total diazotrophica sediment microbes; N2 fixer Gaseous and liquid n- Order Cold marine waters Various genera dominant during Mason et al., 2012; alkanes; cycloalkanes Oceanospirillales: Deepwater Horizon spill; genes for Kleindienst et al., 2016; Oceanospirillum mono-aromatic and PAH degrada- Hu et al., 2017 Oceaniserpentilla tion detected but expressed poorly Bermanella Alkanes Oleibacter spp. Temperate water; deep water Only one species has been culti- Lofthus et al., 2018; (Mariana Trench)
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... Cold marine water Early responder in cold seawater, Ribicic et al., 2018; possibly specializing in short- to Murphy et al., 2021 medium-chain alkanes n-Alkanes Paraperlucidibaca Cold marine water Metagenome detected in sub-Arctic Murphy et al., 2021 marine sediments incubated with diesel or crude oil n-Alkanes Desulfosarcina/ Marine seeps Anaerobic degradation via sulfate Kleindienst et al., 2014 Desulfococcus reduction clade AROMATICS WITH OR WITHOUT ALIPHATICS Aromatics including Cycloclasticus spp. Global distribution Obligate hydrocarbonoclastic bac- Kasai et al., 2002; PAHs and PACs; also terial genus; associated with dilbit Yakimov et al., 2007; ethane, propane, butane degradation by ‘omics Brakstad et al.

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