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Appendix J: Committee Biographies
Pages 493-498

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From page 493...
... The more noteworthy incidents in this area report Double Hull Tanker Legislation: An Assessment of were the Exxon Bayway pipeline failure and spill, T/V Presithe Oil Pollution Act of 1990 and chaired the committee denté Rivera and T/V World Prodigy tanker spills, T/B Cibro that produced the 2001 report Environmental Performance Savannah explosion and spill, the C/V Santa Clara I arsenic of Tanker Designs in Collision and Grounding: Method for trioxide release, T/B North Cape and Julie N oil spills, and the Comparison.
From page 494...
... She was a lead oil spill response modeler in a The awards Mr. Levine has received include the USCG previous position at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Meritorious Achievement Award (December 2019 and July Administration's (NOAA's)
From page 495...
... Walsh Professor Dagmar Schmidt Etkin has 45 years of experience in in the Environmental Sciences Program, at the University environmental analysis -- 14 years investigating issues in of Massachusetts Boston from 1988 to 1990. He returned population biology and ecological systems and 31 years to WHOI in 1990 as the dean of graduate studies and then specializing in the analysis of oil spills.
From page 496...
... Dr. Mitchelmore's work focuses on the detection of pollut- Short led numerous studies on the distribution, fate, and efants in various environmental matrices and understanding fects of the oil over two decades; these studies led to discovery their uptake, routes of exposure, metabolism, mechanisms of embryotoxic effects of oil pollution affecting fish at much of toxicity, bioaccumulation, and trophic transfer of chemi- lower concentrations that had been recognized previously, and cal contaminants, as well as their implications to organism quantitative assessments of lingering oil stranded on beaches health, including humans.
From page 497...
... in chemical oceanography from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the Woods Hole Berrin Tansel is a professor in the Department of Civil and Oceanographic Institution. Following her graduate studies, Environmental Engineering at Florida International Univer- Dr.

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