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Appendix A: Research Questions
Pages 325-330

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From page 325...
... To gather this input, the draft questions were posted to the committee website and public comments were accepted through May 6, 2021.1 The preliminary list of questions from FDA and NIH is available on the project website.2 The committee also held a public comment session for individuals and organizations to provide verbal feedback and asked for input from relevant organizations during one of its information-gathering meetings.3 Based on this feedback, the committee updated the research questions and used those questions to guide its review of the literature. The final list of questions is below, organized by topic.
From page 326...
... The committee also added to the questions on product characteristics, patterns of use, and health effects based on the input received. However, not all stakeholder suggestions were added -- given the limited time for the committee's review, the committee focused on the suggestions that were most salient to its charge.
From page 327...
... CIGAR MARKETING AND RISK PERCEPTIONS   1. How do the perceived benefits and harms of premium cigars differ from those of other cigar subtypes or other tobacco products?
From page 328...
...   4. What are the adverse health effects of exposure to harmful and potentially harmful constituents, including nicotine, tobacco-spe cific nitrosamines, volatile organic compounds, and polyaromatic hydrocarbons?
From page 329...
... 11. Are the health effects of premium cigars different for dual users, past users of other products, etc.?

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