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Appendix E: Cigar Brands from PATH and NSDUH Analyses
Pages 447-450

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From page 447...
... analyses. Three expert coders independently and manually coded brands from NSDUH and PATH data using brand and vendor websites (see Appendix C and D for more details)
From page 448...
... Indio Robert Burns Black Casablanca Joya de Nicaragua Watch Chubb K Hansotia Gurhka Rocky Patels Churchill Kristoff Romeo y Julieta Cohiba La Corona Room101 305s CubaLibre La Flor Dominicana Royal Jamaica Cuban La Gloria Cubana San Cristo Cubana Los Blancos Tatuaje Cuesta-Rey Macanudo Torano Davidoff Makers Mark Victor Sinclair Diesel Man of War Zeno Don Tomas Montecristo NONPREMIUM 1839 Deans Lil Isla Del Sol 305's Directors Club Jackpot 38 Special Djarum Java Acid Double Diamond Kahula Al Capone Dutch Masters King Edward Antonio y Cleopatra El Producto Little Nippers Backwoods Entourage Marsh Wheeling Black & Mild Fronto King Miami Suite Blackstone Gambler Middletons BLK Game Munnimaker Captain Black Garcia y Vega Muriel Cheyenne Golden Harvest Optimo Clipper Good Times Parodi Criss Cross Grenadiers Phillies Dark Horse100 Havana Honey Pom Pom Menthol Hav-A-Tampa Prime Time
From page 449...
... APPENDIX E 449 Racer Spliterillo Tijuana Smalls Red Buck Stampede Vendetta Remington Supre Sweets White Owl Richwood Supreme Blend Wild Horse Santa Fe Supreme Menthol Winchester Seneca Swisher Sweets Wrangler Show Tampa Nugget ZigZag Smokers Best Tampa Sweet Smokers Choice Tatiana UNKNOWN/INSUFFICIENT INFORMATION TO DETERMINE Blunts; brand unspecified Cigar/cigarillo; brand otherwise unspecified Cigar Factory Dominican; brand unspecified Habana/Havana; brand unspecified Helio Homemade cigars Honduran; brand unspecified Hope Imports JR Laquade Local made "Not a tobacco product" Pipe tobacco; brand otherwise unspecified Private stock Quimbo Richmond Smoker Friendly Thompson Tobacco replacement or tobacco-like product VIP cigars

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