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Appendix B: Agendas for Open Panel Meetings
Pages 179-182

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... Appendix B Agendas for Open Panel Meetings Panel on Measuring Sex, Gender Identity, and Sexual Orientation Meeting #1 May 14, 2021 Remote Conference Meeting Via Zoom OPEN SESSION 1:00–1:30 pm Welcome and Introduction to the National Academies Monica Feit, Deputy Executive Director, DBASSE 1:30–2:30 pm Sponsor Interests and Perspectives; Discussion of State ment of Task Karen Parker, National Institutes of Health Irene Avila, National Institutes of Health 2:30–2:45 pm Break CLOSED SESSION (COMMITTEE AND STAFF ONLY) 2:45–5:00 pm Closed to Public 5:00 pm Adjournment 179
From page 180...
... Marshall Chin, Committee Co-Chair (University of Chicago) 3:05–3:20 pm Presentation: Measuring Sex and Gender Sari van Anders (Queen's University)
From page 181...
... 1:10–1:30 Sex Designation for Individuals with DSD Courtney Finlayson, Lurie Children's Hospital of Chicago 1:30–1:50 How Intersex Erasure Sustained the Sex and Gender Binary: A History Elizabeth Reis, Macaulay Honors College, CUNY 1:50–2:10 Population Measurement of DSD Populations Jason Flatt, University of Nevada, Las Vegas 2:10–2:40 Discussion Moderator: Katie Dalke 2:40–2:50 pm Break 2:50–4:20 pm Session 2: Legal and Administrative Issues 2:50–3:10 The Importance of Allowing Non-Binary Legal Sex Harper Jean Tobin, HJ Tobin Policy Consulting 3:10–3:30 Medicolegal Issues Related to Legal Sex Designations Vadim Shteyler, University of California, San Francisco 3:30–3:50 Statistical Standards for Gender, Sex, and Variations of Sex Characteristics: New Zealand Jack Byrne, University of Waikato Jaimie Veale, University of Waikato Micah Davison, Statistics New Zealand 3:50–4:20 Discussion Moderator: Kellan Baker 4:20–4:30 pm Break
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... 182 MEASURING SEX, GENDER IDENTITY, AND SEXUAL ORIENTATION 4:30–6:00 pm Session 3: Sex, Gender Identity, and Sexual Orientation in Health Care 4:30–4:50 Importance of Collecting Sex, Gender Identity, and Sexual Orientation in Medical Records Sean Cahill, The Fenway Institute 4:50–5:10 Sex at Birth and Gender Identity in Transgender Health Care Juno Obedin-Maliver, Stanford University 5:10–5:30 Gender, Sex, and Sexual Orientation: A Brief Discussion of Operationalization in Health Care Clair Kronk, Yale University 5:30–6:00 Discussion Moderator: José Bauermeister 6:00 pm Adjournment

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