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... 25   This chapter discusses the balance between the economic costs of installing and operating lighting at isolated rural intersections and the benefits that can be achieved in terms of safety and the resulting reductions in injuries, fatalities, and property damage associated with crashes. Costs of Isolated Rural Intersection Lighting Some news reports, research publications, and government agency policies and guidelines have discussed the costs of installing and operating lighting at isolated rural intersections.
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... 26 Lighting Practices for Isolated Rural Intersections Project Total Project Cost Cost of Lighting Installation Annual Operating Cost Lighting at 47 rural intersections (Oregon DOT 2012) $700,000 (number of luminaires not specified)
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... Economics 27   and these costs could include the installation of more than one light at each intersection or costs to bring electrical power to the intersection. A question about where state DOTs obtained funding to install isolated rural intersection lighting was included in the survey and the responses are given in Figure 22.
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... 28 Lighting Practices for Isolated Rural Intersections Figure 23. Responses to "How often does your agency perform an economic analysis before installing isolated rural intersection lighting?
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... Economics 29   from rural intersection lighting with which to make informed economic benefit/cost analyses. Indeed, when asked how often rural intersections could be reliably determined to have an overall net economic benefit (Figure 26)

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