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1 Introduction
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... Biographical sketches of the steering committee members and workshop presenters are included in Appendix B The mission of CNSTAT is to provide advice to the federal government and the nation grounded in the current best scientific knowledge and practice that will lead to improved statistical methods and information upon which to base public policy.
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... NIA supports several nationally representative longitudinal studies, each with unique structural features to facilitate research on various dimen sions of health and aging. NIA-supported longitudinal studies collect data covering many domains, including socioeconomic factors, self-reported and objective measures of health, cognition, personality, family structure, health care utilization and care needs, and even genetics.
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... First, he said, workshop sessions would examine innovations in survey m ­ ethods with a multidisciplinary approach, such as framing of questions and consent BOX 1-1 Statement of Task An ad hoc planning committee of the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine will plan and execute a two-day public workshop to discuss methods to improve response/retention and enhance consent protocols for biomarker and program (administrative) data linkage in nationally representa tive longitudinal studies of older Americans.
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... The final sessions of the workshop focused on innovation and a wrap-up discussion in which Phillips and committee members pulled out what they saw as key themes and messages from across the workshop to help NIA move the work in this area forward. The full meeting agenda and biographical sketches of steering committee members and workshop presenters appear in the appendixes.
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... INTRODUCTION 5 in the proceedings are those of individual workshop participants and do not necessarily represent the views of all workshop participants, the planning committee, the National Institute on Aging, or the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine.

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