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Appendix B: Workshop Agendas
Pages 53-58

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... This allows you to assume that many of the operating conditions are similar to today, but not exactly the same. Each group will be given a different set of insights about the future of health care (drawn from ACGME's scenario planning)
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... In conjunction with work being orga nized by the Federal Task Force leader, you are being asked to design the optimum organization that will fulfill the following missions: 1. Function as a networking organization that can be mobilized dur ing times of need and crisis for sharing information/solutions and broadcasting messages relevant to all within health professions education.
From page 55...
... SALES PITCH TO TASK FORCE 7:45 pm Report Back Facilitator: Charles Thomas, Vice President, Strategic Planning, ACGME • Each breakout group presents their slides 3–7 to include: o Organization name, where it sits, how it's funded and functions o What is needed to get the organization up and running o What is the pitch to Jill Biden Each listening group should be prepared to evaluate how well the pre senting group's ideas would work in their future context (with different assumptions)
From page 56...
... o Senthil Kumar Rajasekaran, Wayne State University School of Medicine • Communication (from leadership to faculty to students) o Carole Tucker, University of Texas Medical Branch • Faculty Development o Reamer Bushardt, The George Washington University Moderators: Jody Frost and Miguel Paniagua, Workshop Co-Chairs Roundtable Discussion • JaNeen Cross, Howard University • Loretta Nunez, American Speech-Language-Hearing Association
From page 57...
... Moderators: Jody Frost and Miguel Paniagua, Workshop Co-Chairs • Competency-based education o Kimberly Lomis, American Medical Association •  Facilitating HPE: Time-flexible educational adaptations and unique financial arrangements o Richard Berman, University of South Florida • A closer look at community colleges o Clese Erikson, The George Washington University Expanding the Discussion: • Toyese Oyeyemi Jr., The George Washington University (Beyond Flexner) • Casey R

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