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1 Introduction
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... . To explore how lessons learned from this unprecedented pandemic event could inform the future of health professions education (HPE)
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... The planning committee will bring together educators, students, administrators, and health professionals to share ideas, stories, and data in an effort to discuss the future of HPE by learning from past experiences. Invited presentations and discussions will involve global audiences in topics such as: • Examples and evaluation of online didactic and clinical education; • Innovations in interprofessional education and learning opportunities within the social determinants of health and mental health; • Diversity, equity, inclusion, and racism; • Impacts on pre-clinical and clinical education; • Regulatory and accreditation changes affecting HPE; and • Stress and workload on students and faculty.
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... REFLECTIONS ON LESSONS LEARNED On April 22, Mary Jo Bondy, Physician Assistant Education Association, offered her reflections on lessons learned during the COVID-19 pandemic. Bondy began with a brief synopsis of the beginning of the pandemic, noting that despite containment efforts, the SARS-CoV-2 virus quickly spread from China to other nations who were "caught off guard, unprepared, and inadequately resourced to address the rapid spread." As cases and deaths rose in the United States, public gathering spaces were shut down, including educational institutions, workplaces, and some health care facilities.
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... The pandemic demonstrated the need to close the health equity gap and the digital divide, and the importance of health literacy in all communities. Finally, Bondy said, the pandemic highlighted and exacerbated the issue of burnout, and drew attention to the critical need to address the health and well-being of faculty, students, and clinicians.

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