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Appendix B: Presentations to the Committee
Pages 99-100

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... B Presentations to the Committee MARCH 4, 2021 -- CRIMINAL JUSTICE Andrea Roth, University of California, Berkeley, Law Renee Hutchins, University of the District of Columbia School of Law Sarah Brayne, University of Texas, Austin Jens Ludwig, University of Chicago MARCH 11, 2021 -- WORK AND LABOR, PART I Ece Kamar, Microsoft Research Min Kyung Lee, University of Texas, Austin Karen Levy, Cornell University MARCH 16, 2021 -- HEALTHCARE, PART I Madeleine Claire Elish, Google, Inc. Amy Fairchild, The Ohio State University Latanya Sweeney, Harvard University Robert Wachter, University of California, San Francisco APRIL 29, 2021 -- WORK AND LABOR, PART II Mary Kay Henry, Service Employees International Union MAY 6, 2021 -- HEALTHCARE, PART II Vickie Mays, University of California, Los Angeles Susan Cocharan, University of California, Los Angeles MAY 11, 2021 -- CIVIL JUSTICE Gillian Hadfield, University of Toronto Ben Barton, University of Tennessee College of Law PREPUBLICATION COPY – SUBJECT TO FURTHER EDITORIAL CORRECTION 99
From page 100...
... Pitts, Stanford University School of Medicine / Santa Clara Valley Medical Center MAY 25, 2021 -- PUBLIC GOVERNANCE Ryan Calo, University of Washington Daniel Ho, Stanford University Ben Green, University of Michigan Eden Medina, Massachusetts Institute of Technology JUNE 10, 2021 -- INDUSTRY RESEARCH, PART I Eric Horvitz, Microsoft Research JUNE 24, 2021 -- INDUSTRY RESEARCH, PART II Greg Corrado, Google, Inc. Mitchell Baker, Mozilla Corporation JUNE 29, 2021 -- GOVERNMENT RESEARCH SPONSORS Sara Kiesler, National Science Foundation Nina Amla, National Science Foundation Phillip Root, Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency Michael Lauer, National Institutes of Health PREPUBLICATION COPY – SUBJECT TO FURTHER EDITORIAL CORRECTION 100

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