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... 118 AACE American Association of Cost Engineers AADT annual average daily trac AASHTO American Association of State Highway and Transportation Ocials ABC accelerated bridge construction ACM alternative contracting method ACT alternative contracting technique AMG automated machine guidance ANN articial neural network APDM alternative project delivery method BIM building information model CBR case-based reasoning CCT construction contract time CMGC construction manager/general contractor CMR construction manager-at-risk CPM critical path method CTD contract time determination DB design-build DBB design-bid-build DOT department of transportation DRUC daily road user cost EPD estimated project duration HMA hot-mix asphalt IC intelligent compaction I/D incentives/disincentives LLs lessons learned LPS Last Planner® System of Production Control LR lane rental LS linear scheduling MCS Monte Carlo Simulation MOT maintenance of trac MPO metropolitan planning organization MR multiple regression NEB no-excuse bonus NEPA National Environmental Policy Act of 1969 NTP Notice to Proceed P3 public-private partnership PCC Portland cement concrete PDE project duration estimation Abbreviations
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... Abbreviations 119   PERT program evaluation and review technique PCR post-construction review PRs production rates PS&E plans, specifications, and estimates RBS risk breakdown structure RFC released for construction RFP Request for Proposal RFQ Request for Qualifications ROW right(s) of way STA state transportation agency SUE subsurface utility engineering TMP Transportation Management Plan

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