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... 120 A+B method Also known as cost-plus-time bidding. is method involves time, with an associated cost, in the low-bid determination.
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... Glossary 121   Controlling activities Work items that are expected to drive a project's schedule. They are likely to be on the critical path, but they may not be part of the critical path in all projects.
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... 122 Systematic Approach for Determining Construction Contract Time: A Guidebook Liquidated damages The daily amount set forth in the contract to be deducted from the contract price to cover additional costs incurred by a state DOT because of the contractor's failure to complete the contract work within the number of calendar days or workdays specified. The term may also mean the total of all daily amounts deducted under the terms of a particular contract (23 CFR 635.102)
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... Glossary 123   Technical factors Project resource-related factors that are typically used to calculate an estimated duration of the project under normal construction conditions. They may include work items, quantities of work items, production rates, and the like.

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