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... 4 1.1 Overview Establishing an appropriate contract time is an important step in the transportation project development process because contract time affects construction cost, construction quality, public inconvenience, economic impact in areas surrounding the construction project, and schedule risks. An accurate determination of contract time is also crucial to contract administration because it forms a basis for the awarded contractor to develop a baseline schedule.
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... Introduction 5   1.2 Guidebook Audience This guidebook is intended for transportation agency managers and contract time developers who want their agencies to use a systematic and consistent approach to construction CTD for transportation projects that are delivered by various contracting methods and techniques. These individuals may vary from agency to agency depending on the agencies' organizational structure and business processes.
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... 6 Systematic Approach for Determining Construction Contract Time: A Guidebook Most current DOTs' CTD manuals do not include how contract time should be determined when a project is delivered through APDMs such as CMGC and DB projects. Because the use of APDMs is increasing across the nation, a need exists to provide proper guidance on CTD for APDMs.
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... Introduction 7   developers and as an education and training resource for organizational-level knowledge and competency enhancement programs related to project scheduling, CTD, and administration. e spreadsheet-based CTD4HP Toolkit is a one-stop shop for a contract time developer.
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... 8 Systematic Approach for Determining Construction Contract Time: A Guidebook 1.5 References Allen, J., and A Touran (2005)

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