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... 20 The airport interviews and survey responses indicate that over 60% of the airports in the study use some form of a lease document. In a broad sense, the lease is used to convey airport land to an agricultural tenant for a specific term in return for payment.
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... Findings on Airport Agricultural Land Lease Administration 21   access from public areas and would need to be delineated from the adjacent property in order to bid separately. In this case, dividing the parcel to bid independently may de-value the entire field, and it may make sense to allow the current operator of the adjacent field to enter and continuously farm the entire parcel paying market rate for the acreage.
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... 22 Agricultural Operations on Airport Grounds evaluate the impacts of agricultural uses. One airport interviewed incorporates five 1-year terms, explaining that this arrangement gives the aviation department the opportunity to pull acreage for development or construction uses as necessary while providing tenants a long-term lease for financing purposes.
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... Findings on Airport Agricultural Land Lease Administration 23   Another strategy that can be included in lease language is the requirement to employ crop rotation. This is effective for balancing nutrient depletion in the soils and weed control.
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... 24 Agricultural Operations on Airport Grounds Each growing cycle takes approximately 5 weeks to complete, from planting to harvesting. While the Farm can hold 288 plants per cycle, it is recommended that lettuce be planted in every other space, leaving 144 plants per cycle.
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... Findings on Airport Agricultural Land Lease Administration 25   The Benefits The program partners with the airport terminal's restaurant, The Fox Cities Eatery, to provide fresh greens for burgers and sandwiches. The airport promotes this as part of its "Making Healthy Connections Fly" initiative, a forward-thinking program to ensure each traveler has a healthy and positive experience.

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