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... 3   Airport sponsors and operators (airports) are challenged to operate the airport in a safe, secure, and efficient manner.
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... 4 Agricultural Operations on Airport Grounds This synthesis compiles practice in initiating and managing agricultural operations on airport property and provides a concise report with supporting appendices from information gathered, including • Basic data and prevalence of agricultural leases on airports by geographic region and airport size, to include types of crops found on airport leased grounds, acreage farmed, and monetary return (i.e., lease revenue compared to reduction in maintenance cost) to the airport.
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... Introduction 5   The locations of the airports in the survey are depicted in Figure 1. Appendix D provides the survey and responses.
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... 6 Agricultural Operations on Airport Grounds Data Analysis The literature review, survey, and direct interviews were analyzed to identify practices that were used for initiating and managing successful agricultural operations on airport property. The study team examined • Types of agricultural uses on airport property, • Key drivers motivating agricultural programs, • Agricultural lease administration, • Airfield safety, • Access and operational procedures, • Techniques for managing risk factors, • Non-standard uses and special conditions, • Lessons learned, and • Advice for other airports.

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