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... 32 Eastern Iowa Airport (CID) has a robust agricultural land lease program.
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... Case Example: Eastern Iowa Airport, Cedar Rapids, Iowa 33   The farm tenants are responsible for all agricultural operations to perform the terms under the lease and to plant, spray herbicides, and harvest their crops. Access to farmland is via city and county roads and all farmland is located outside of the airfield security fence.
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... 34 Agricultural Operations on Airport Grounds Special and Innovative Conditions As part of the overall prioritization of the airport's proactive environmental stewardship stance, in 2019, the airport formally adopted a policy requiring no-till, cover crop farming practices (see Figure 13)
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... Case Example: Eastern Iowa Airport, Cedar Rapids, Iowa 35   through the adoption of a WHMP, and outside expertise is leveraged through the use of a contracted farm management company. Airport access, safety, and security concerns are also reduced because all farming operations occur outside of any AOAs or protected RSAs.

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