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... 36 Airports across the country address agricultural operations on airport grounds in a variety of ways depending on many factors, including local conditions, need, FAA land use guidance, airport layout and design, operational impacts, availability of suitable land, ability to mitigate risks, and environmental conditions. While many airports choose not to incorporate farming activities, others may allow for this land use and manage concerns through use of land lease, limitations on agricultural uses, or both.
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... Summary of Findings 37   • Airports that accommodate agricultural uses often use lease provisions that address – Crop restrictions, – Safety procedures, – Special conditions, – Maintenance responsibilities, and – Secondary uses of property. • Many airports interviewed in the study incorporate an escape clause in the land lease that allows the airport to terminate the agreement for any reason.
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... 38 Agricultural Operations on Airport Grounds Another respondent inquired if Christmas tree farms have ever been considered by airports. The thought is they would produce revenue, are restricted in height, and may not be much of a wildlife attractant.

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