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Appendix D: Table of Strategic Actionsfrom Group One
Pages 105-108

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From page 105...
... for the future) ACTION 1: ACTION 1: ACTION 1: • Actor: Public health • Actor: Health care • Actor: Research community departments systems and local public funding effort for • Action: Set up immediate health departments, misinformation response active surveillance efforts in partnership with • Action: Establish an for children, congregate community-based organized understanding settings, elder care organizations about the types of facilities.
From page 106...
... minimize household exposures; need to protect at-risk children from lower-risk infected adults. ACTION 3: ACTION 3: ACTION 3: • Actor: Hospitals and • Actor: Education • Actor: Federal government health care systems, departments and school • Action: Identify regulatory outpatient clinical sites districts flexibilities that could be • Action: Enact surge • Action: Adapt education brought to bear to adapt protocols.
From page 107...
... response campaigns and have talking points ready based on likely misinformation, and disseminate via communication toolkits to community-based organizations and leaders. ACTION 5: ACTION 5: ACTION 5: • Actor: Public health • Actor: Public health • Actor: Federal government communicators, in department in • Action: Identify regulatory coordination with local partnership with health flexibilities that could be governments care systems brought to bear to adapt • Action: Reach out • Action: Increase testing health system responses as to social media capacity, both in clinical needed for community-level platforms to partner and nonclinical settings.
From page 108...
... for the future) ACTION 7: • Actor: Federal government • Action: Identify regulatory flexibilities that could be brought to bear to adapt health system responses as needed for community level sensitivities and needs.

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