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Appendix E: Table of Strategic Actions from Group Two
Pages 109-110

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... two-way communication communication council • Actor: Trusted local channel with the public made up of diverse scientist, someone with using tailored messages members of the community; local media, religious on reimplementation all have various roles of leader, trusted health care of nonpharmaceutical service in the community individual, government interventions and any Strategic efforts to build official uncertainties around the policy and health literacy. new vaccine.
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... for the future) ACTION 2: ACTION 2: ACTION 2: • Action: Real-time • Action: Outreach to vet • Action: Recommendation research to establish clinics to start tracking to establish wastewater evidence and causality, symptoms in animals surveillance, particularly identify potential animal to establish baseline for starting with schools reservoirs, and determine testing or camps; set up as stability and persistence multiyear appropriation for of viral variant infrastructure investment • Actor: U.S.

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