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Appendix A: Workshop Statement of Task
Pages 75-76

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... , at the individual and population level • The effects of COVID-19 on human health equity, taking into consideration the two-way relationship between health outcomes and structural or social determinants of health • Incorporating best practices and lessons learned from around the world to examine the role of social sciences in building a nuanced, trans­disciplinary approach that strives to ensure equity in con­tinued COVID-19 recovery efforts and mitigation of future ­emergent diseases • Takeaways from the COVID-19 experience for leaders in gov ernment, communities, and the private sector on actionable and sustainable ways to collaborate, manage risk, build trust, and com municate effectively for public health, particularly in the context of uncertainty during public health emergencies 75
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... 76 TOWARD A POST-PANDEMIC WORLD • The effect of disinformation and misinformation and how they can be managed to maintain public trust and optimize adherence to health behavioral guidance in a time of crisis • Ensuring lessons (re-) learned from COVID-19 are captured effec tively in health systems to ensure a more proactive approach to pandemic preparedness and response

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