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... 4 C H A P T E R 1 Introduction This chapter outlines the structure of this synthesis. First, important background information is provided.
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... Introduction 5   Various topics pertaining to cashless fare collection systems were considered: • Operational aspects, such as fare technology, fare collection methods, and fare policy • Advantages and drawbacks of removing onboard cash fare collection • Policy and regulatory aspects • Considerations for special populations, particularly the unbanked Technical Approach It should be noted that this TCRP synthesis study initially began in fall 2019, and the original intention was to conduct a survey of transit operators throughout the country to identify which agencies (if any) were considering cashless fare systems and understand why many agencies were not.
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... 6 Considering the Unbanked in Cashless Fare Payment at Point of Service for Bus/Demand-Response Services Chapter 2: Literature Review presents a summary of relevant literature and references on fare policy and technology, the unbanked, and relevant policies and regulations. Chapter 3: Case Examples provides detailed summaries of nine transit agencies at different stages of considering, planning for, or implementing cashless fare systems.

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