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... 1   Inspection of highway infrastructure is critical in any transportation system because it ensures conformance with plans, specifications, and material requirements, all of which can affect the life cycle of transportation assets. In fact, one of the main missions of state departments of transportation (DOTs)
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... 2 Highway Infrastructure Inspection Practices for the Digital Age eight selected state DOTs provided case examples of the implementation of technologies for inspection of new and existing highway infrastructure assets. The state DOTs of Florida, Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, New York, Oregon, Pennsylvania, and South Dakota participated in the case examples.
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... Summary 3   and case examples, include in-situ material characterization, foundation investigation, structural inspection, and identification of bridge deck deterioration. More than a quarter of these 28 DOTs have used ground-penetrating radar (39%)
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... 4 Highway Infrastructure Inspection Practices for the Digital Age empirically investigate the relationships between inspection technologies and allocation of inspection resources during construction and asset management. Second, there is limited guidance for tracking benefit–cost analysis and ROI of technology implementations.

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