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... 99   Summary of Findings Introduction Highway infrastructure inspection is critical in any transportation system. With the latest technological advancements, the inspection landscape has been rapidly changing through incorporation of technologies.
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... 100 Highway Infrastructure Inspection Practices for the Digital Age e. Forty-seven percent of these 32 DOTs have used GIS for inspection of highway infrastructure during construction.
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... Summary of Findings 101   the main applications of VR/AR technology for highway inspection include AR-guided site inspection, remote inspection, 4D inspection, and automated inspection.
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... 102 Highway Infrastructure Inspection Practices for the Digital Age b. The literature review indicated that e-ticketing has gained substantial momentum over the past 5 years.
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... Summary of Findings 103   c. From their case examples, the Oregon and Pennsylvania DOTs noted that providing effective training on the use of technologies helped overcome resistance to change among the staff and inspectors and gain buy-in from users.

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