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... Transforming EPA Science to Meet Today's and Tomorrow's Challenges 5:00 Summary Remarks and Revisiting the Committee's Task Dan Greenbaum 5:15 Opportunity for Public Comment 5:45 End of Open Session Additional EPA Personnel to Be Available to Comment ● Jerry Blancato, Director, Office of Science Information Management ● Alison Goss Eng, Deputy Director, Office of Resource Management ● Mary Ross, Director, Office of Science Advisor, Policy & Engagement ● Becki Clark, National Program Manager Executive Lead Scientific and Technical Advances for Assessing Cumulative Health Risks from Exposures to Multiple Stressors in Low-Income Communities and Communities of Color (Part 1) July 28, 2021 via the Internet 2:00 Welcome and Introductions Dan Greenbaum, Committee Chair 2:10 Panel Members (Each panelist will have up to 15 minutes for opening remarks.)
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... • Jonathan Levy, Boston University School of Public Health • Tai Lung, EPA/OP • Sarah Mazur, EPA/ORD • Annie Neale, EPA/ORD • Amee Raval, APEN • Rosalind Wright, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai 3:15 Opportunity for Public Comment 3:30 End of Session Innovation in EPA/ORD and Other Federal Agencies October 6, 2021 via the Internet 12:30 Welcome and Introductions Dan Greenbaum, Committee Chair 12:45 Innovation in EPA's Research and Development Enterprise: Introductory Remarks Wayne Cascio, Acting Principal Deputy Assistant Administrator for Science 1:00 Examples of Innovation in ORD: Sensor Technologies Tim Watkins, Acting Director, Center for Public Health and Environmental Assessment 1:15 Challenges for Integrating Innovation in ORD Rusty Thomas, Director, Center for Computational Toxicology and Exposure 1:30 ORD Panel Discussion with Committee • Jay Benforado, Chief Innovation Officer • Denice Shaw, Challenge and Prize Coordinator • Rusty Thomas • Tim Watkins • Other Members of ORD's Executive Council 115
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... Transforming EPA Science to Meet Today's and Tomorrow's Challenges 2:30 Break 2:40 Panel on Innovation Initiatives in Other Federal Agencies (Each panelist will have about 10 minutes for opening remarks.) • Ken Wright, Agency Lead for Innovation, Office of the Chief Technologist, National Aeronautics and Space Administration • Steven Kappes, Associate Administrator, Agricultural Research Service, U.S.
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... With changes in energy and land use including urbanization and developments of green areas within urban zones, the formation and composition of fine particulate matter, including ultrafine particles, that affect air quality and human health have been changing. A decade ago, aerosol mass spectrometer measurements showed that the contribution of organic matter to fine particulate composition is at least as important as sulfate in the Northern Hemisphere (Jimenez et al., 2009)

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