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4 Concluding Thoughts
Pages 86-88

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From page 86...
... The tasks assigned to the study committee are similarly complex, and the responses depend on the physics of the relevant electromagnetic emissions and reception, the use cases of that spectrum in a very busy bandwidth geography, and the implications of the long history of assessing and assigning spectrum rights for new entrants without generally assigning performance requirements on receivers. In this context, the committee summarizes its responses to the task questions as signed as follows: Task 1: [Consider]
From page 87...
... , "The terrestrial network authorized by FCC Order 20-48 will create unacceptable harmful interference for DoD missions. The mitigation techniques and other regulatory provision in FCC Order 20-48 are insufficient to protect national security missions." Additional information on the test results and analysis as they related to DoD systems and missions is discussed in a classified annex to this report.
From page 88...
... Some form of more defini tive receiver standards and establishment of set time periods where adherence to those receiver standards will ensure successful operation for a frequency band's incumbents and new entrants seem to be important tools in this regard.

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