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Appendix D: Committee Member Biographical Information
Pages 97-102

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From page 97...
... He has served as a member of the President's Council of Advisors on Science and Technology, the Secretary of Energy Advisory Board, and the Defense Innovation Board, and is a member on the National Academies' National Science, Technology, and Security Roundtable and its Protecting Critical Technologies for National Security Consensus Study Report Committee.
From page 98...
... Alvarez led multi-disciplinary research efforts to develop innovative solutions in radio frequency signal acquisition and processing for cooperative, non-cooperative, and interfering signals. Her innovations included new radio frequency sensing technologies for cognitive radio applications and advanced methods for passively sensing and extracting informa tion about signals and waveforms.
From page 99...
... Dr. Psiaki spent two sabbatical leaves as a Lady Davis Visiting Associate Professor with the Aerospace Engineering Faculty at the Technion in Haifa, Israel, and one sabbatical leave as a National Research Council senior research associate at the Space Vehicles Directorate of the Air Force Research Laboratory in Albuquerque, New Mexico.
From page 100...
... Reaser provides independent consulting services to U.S.-CREST on GPS and general space technology and markets. In spring 2021, he provided independent consulting services to Cerberus Operations and Advisory Company in the performance of technical and market due diligence to assess the viability of an aviation innovation.
From page 101...
... He directs a portfolio of programs spanning architecture definition, technology development, system prototypes, and testbeds that are advancing the capabilities of the nation's communication networks. The division focuses on military satellite communications, free-space laser communications, Appendix D 101
From page 102...
... This work included the early design and prototype of an architecture for supporting packetized network services via satellite. He has also led research efforts focused on the seamless integration of wireless and terrestrial packet data networks.

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