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Appendix A: Summary of Advanced Reactor Design Concepts
Pages 189-194

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From page 189...
... module, and the reactor vessel and containment are designed to be manufactured in a factory, shipped to the plant site, and installed with other NPMs as part of an overall plant configuration. The current fuel assembly design for an NPM is a shortened version of a standard 17×17 PWR fuel assembly, with the uranium-dioxide fuel enriched to less than 5 percent 235U.
From page 190...
... The HTGR design is a graphite moderated thermal reactor with a low power density and cooled by high-pressure gas. These reactors use prismatic graphite blocks or spherical graphite pebbles as fuel assemblies within a graphite core structure.
From page 191...
... have been considered for use in this design because they meet the high fissile fuel requirements for a fast reactor with a smaller core volume. To accommodate the large buildup of fission product gases in the fuel, design concepts propose to use vented fuel rods or larger fuel rod gas plenum volumes as in the SFR.
From page 192...
... Fluoride and chloride salts have high melting points; thus, reactor inlet coolant temperature for these systems must be above 500°C to prevent freezing during normal operation as well as operational transients. While a variety of conceptual designs have been proposed (World Nuclear Association 2021a)
From page 193...
... The heat pipes use a liquid metal as the working fluid at low pressures. They are embedded in the solid monolithic core to transfer the reactor heat from the core region to a Brayton power conversion system.
From page 194...
... 2023. "Molten Salt Reactor -- History." Nuclear Energy and Fuel Cycle Division.

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