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Appendix B: Examples of Technology Development Gaps for Advanced Reactors
Pages 195-197

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From page 195...
... In contrast, the technology development gaps for the lower maturity advanced reactor technologies are related to the viability and performance confirmation of key reactor features -- for example, materials compatibility and corrosion behavior in a radiation field; demonstration of materials to show strength, corrosion resistance, and irradiation stability during operation; demonstration of tritium mitigation by control and monitoring; and integral performance of passive safety systems. The following sections provide a few specific examples where further technology development is required for particular reactor designs.
From page 196...
... While traditionally treated as a low-cost item as part of the nuclear power plant total cost, nuclear fuel dictates the reactor power density as well as nuclear plant construction requirements. The Natrium sodium fast reactor (SFR)
From page 197...
... 2016. "The NTSF at Argonne: Passive Safety and Decay Heat Removal for Advanced Nuclear Reactor Designs." Nuclear Engineering Division.

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