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Appendix D: The Current Role of Government in Demonstrations, with a Focus on the Department of Energy
Pages 202-206

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From page 202...
... SMALL MODULAR REACTOR TECHNOLOGY AWARD AND CARBON-FREE POWER PROJECT AWARD The first of the DOE programs in support of SMR technology development focused on light water reactor (LWR) technology (DOE 2023a)
From page 203...
... Based on initial orders from UAMPS, Fluor Corporation and NuScale are to develop more precise cost estimates and initial project planning work for the licensing, manufacturing, and construction of the CFPP. On March 9, 2023, NuScale announced that it had signed a contract with Doosan Enerbility to order long lead materials for six upper reactor pressure vessels.
From page 204...
... DOE launched the VTR program following studies that analyzed the need for a research reactor that could test materials, fuels and other components at higher neutron energies and neutron fluxes than what is available today. Several advanced reactor developers have voiced support for a fast neutron irradiation capability in the United States to enable next-generation technology development.
From page 205...
... Other significant project milestones included the December 2020 Secretarial approval, with concurrence through the Under Secretary for Nuclear Security Administration and the Assistant Secretary for Nuclear Energy, to use a uranium/plutonium/zirconium metal alloy driver fuel and the publication of the VTR Environmental Impact Statement and Record of Decision in 2022. Congress did not fund the VTR project in FY 2022 or FY 2023.
From page 206...
... 2018. "Department of Energy Announces 10 Projects to Sup port Advanced Nuclear Reactor Power Plants: ARPA-E Provides Up to $24 Million for Technologies to Enable Lower Cost, Safer Advanced Nuclear Plant Designs." department-energy-announces-10-projects-support-advanced-nuclear.

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