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Appendix G: Committee Member Biographical Information
Pages 212-217

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From page 212...
... Modeling efforts focus on evaluating the role of disruptive energy technologies that sit at a low level of technical readiness, including energy storage systems, advanced nuclear power, and negative emissions technologies. His research advances technology process modeling, systems engineering, and quantitative risk and decision analysis.
From page 213...
... Navy Nuclear Power Program. JAQUELIN COCHRAN is the director of the Grid Planning and Analysis Center at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL)
From page 214...
... Ford served as the strategy development director for the Energy and Global Security Directorate at the Argonne National Laboratory. At Argonne, he helped develop strategies designed to build increased sponsor support for energy and national security related research.
From page 215...
... Ms. Gogan has co-authored multiple flagship reports, including Missing Link to a Livable Climate: How Hydrogen Enabled Synthetic Fuels Can Help Deliver the Paris Goals and the Energy Technologies Institute Nuclear Cost Drivers study as well as Cost and Performance Requirements for Flexible Advanced Nuclear Plants in Future U.S.
From page 216...
... Her research has focused on technical, social, and policy aspects of nuclear energy production and nuclear waste management and disposal as well as regulation, nuclear nonproliferation, and energy policy.
From page 217...
... He also served as the director of ORNL's Metals and Ceramics Division, which merged into the Materials Science and Technology Division. Much of his research has utilized materials science to explore fundamental physical phenomena that are important for advanced nuclear energy applications, focusing on microstructure-property relationships.

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