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Appendix J: Public Meetings
Pages 234-238

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... J Public Meetings PUBLIC MEETING 1, VIRTUAL DECEMBER 17, 2020 Topic: Laying the Foundation for New and Advanced Nuclear Reactors in the United States Statement of Task Speakers: • Alice Caponiti, Department of Energy -- Office of Nuclear Energy • Tim Beville, Department of Energy -- Office of Nuclear Energy • John Wagner, Idaho National Laboratory • Alyse Huffman, House Science, Space, and Technology -- Energy Subcommittee • Scott McKee, House Appropriations -- Energy and Water Subcommittee • Rory Stanley, Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee • Ho Nieh, U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission -- Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation PUBLIC MEETING 2, VIRTUAL JANUARY 25, 2021 Topic: Financing Challenges for New and Advanced Nuclear Reactors Speakers: • John Parsons, Massachusetts Institute of Technology -- Low Carbon Energy Center on Advanced Nuclear Energy Systems • Matt Bowen, Columbia Center on Global Energy Policy • Ray Rothrock, RedSeal, Inc.
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... • Joseph Brewer, Dow Chemical (retired) PUBLIC MEETING 4, VIRTUAL MAY 26–27, 2021 Topic: ARDP Demo Winners Terra Power and X-Energy, and a Discussion with the Department of Defense on Project Roles Speakers: • Eben Mulder, X-Energy • Ben Reinke, X-Energy • Chris Levesque, TerraPower • Tara Neider, TerrPower • Eric Wesley, Flyer Defense, LLC • Jeff Waksman, Department of Defense -- Strategic Capabilities Office PUBLIC MEETING 5, VIRTUAL JUNE 16, 2021 Topic: Future of Electric Power Briefing Speakers: • Granger Morgan, Carnegie Mellon University • Anjan Bose, Washington State University PUBLIC MEETING 6, VIRTUAL JULY 14, 2021 Topic: Open Session with NuScale Power Speaker: • José Reyes, NuScale Power
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... • M.V. Ramana, University of British Columbia • Baruch Fischhoff, Carnegie Mellon University • Nick Pidgeon, Cardiff University • Seth Tuler, Worcester Polytechnic Institute • Sheila Jasanoff, Harvard University • Behnam Taebi, TU Delft • Andy Stirling, University of Sussex • Pierre-Benoit Joly, French Institute for Research and Innovation in Society • Sarah Mills, University of Michigan • John Downer, University of Bristol • David Victor, University of California, San Diego • Saida Laârouchi Engrström, Swedish Nuclear Fuel and Waste Management Company • Arne Kaijser, KTH Royal Institute of Technology • Anne Bergmans, University of Antwerp • Doug Hunter, UAMPS • Mary Woollen, Ultra Safe Nuclear Corporation • Christi Bell, University of Alaska, Business Enterprise Institute
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... Nuclear Regulatory Commission • Katie Strangis, National Nuclear Security Administration • Steven Clagett, Department of Commerce • James Warden, Department of State • Mirjam Kochendröfer, Nuclear Suppliers Group • Brent Heilman, Argonne National Laboratory and Nuclear Suppliers Group • Carol Berrigan, Nuclear Energy Institute • David Victor, University of California, San Diego PUBLIC MEETING 10, VIRTUAL NOVEMBER 15, 2021 Topic: National Reactor Innovation Center Open Session Speaker: Ashley Finan, National Reactor Innovation Center PUBLIC MEETING 11, VIRTUAL FEBRUARY 1–2, 2022 Topic: Conversations with Advanced Reactor Vendors Speakers: • Jonathan Cirtain, BWXT • David LeBlanc, Terrestrial Energy USA • Edward Blandford, Kairos Power • Per Peterson, Kairos Power • Rick Springman, Holtec International • Jacob DeWitte, Oklo • Rory O'Sullivan, Moltex Energy • Janne Wallenius, LeadCold • Farshid Shahrokhi, Framatome
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... 238 NEW AND ADVANCED NUCLEAR REACTORS IN THE UNITED STATES PUBLIC MEETING 12, VIRTUAL FEBRUARY 15, 2022 Topic: Army Energy and Sustainability Open Session Speaker: Jack Surash, U.S.

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