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Appendix E: Biographical Sketches of the Committee, Technical Consultant, and Study Director
Pages 57-62

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From page 57...
... Mr. Croff's technical accomplishments include creation of the ORIGEN2 computer code used worldwide to calculate the radioactive characteristics of nuclear materials for use in nuclear material and waste characterization, risk analyses, and nuclear fuel cycle analysis; developing and evaluating comprehensive, risk-based waste classification systems, including changing the boundary defining transuranic waste from 10 to 100 nCi/g; technical, economic, and systems analysis of current and advanced nuclear fuel/material cycles from uranium mining through waste disposal; conceiving, analyzing, and reviewing actinide partitioning-transmutation (P-T)
From page 58...
... , with progressively more responsibilities in licensing, technical reviews, and policy development, including as the International Team Leader in USNRC's Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation where he managed international programmatic activities. Previously, as a group lead and a senior materials engineer in the Office of Nuclear Regulatory Research (RES)
From page 59...
... . As a retired consulting scientist from the Savannah River National Laboratory with 45 years of experience in the disposal of high-level radioactive waste, her research spanned vitreous, crystalline ceramic, mineral, and cementitious waste form development, processing, and characterization in both the United States and Europe.
From page 60...
... His research has been funded by the European Research Council as well as other European Union sources, UK Research Councils, industry, and international funding bodies, and has resulted in more than 250 refereed international journal articles. He is an invited TAC Expert of RILEM; a voting member of committees of BSI, ASTM, and the American Concrete Institute; editor-in-chief of the leading journal Materials and Structures, associate editor of Cement and Concrete Research, and specialty chief editor for the Structural Materials section of Frontiers in Materials.
From page 61...
... Dr. Whipple has chaired the National Academies' Board on Radioactive Waste Management and the National Academies' committees on the Review of the Hanford Site's Environmental Remediation Science and Technology Plan; Models in the Regulatory Decision Process; Medical Isotope Production Without Highly Enriched Uranium; and Understanding and Managing Risk in Security Systems for the Department of Energy Nuclear Weapons Complex.
From page 62...
... At LANL he was also involved in several programmatic studies for Enhanced Surveillance Campaigns and Lifetime Extension Programs for the weapons community, participated in NA-22 projects analyzing funded research programs across the U.S. Department of Energy complex, and assisted in addressing chemical questions associated with Medical Isotope and Basic Energy Sciences Heavy Element programs 62

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