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1 Context and Setting
Pages 7-11

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... Secondary LAW waste comprising liquid wastes, off-gas filters, and other internally generated wastes is expected to be grouted, that is, immobilized in a cementitious waste form. Because of capacity limits in the recently completed LAW vitrification facility portion of the WTP, DOE-EM anticipates that there will be substantial amounts of the LAW that the WTP cannot process.
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... 1.2 STUDY PROCESS In the first review report, this National Academies' committee published a peer review of the FFRDC's draft framework report of 74 pages, titled "Hanford NDAA 3125 FFRDC Working Draft Compilation," dated September 30, 2021, and a set of 71 slides produced by the FFRDC and presented at the 1 For clarity, to the extent possible, this review report uses the nomenclature of team for the FFRDC's investigators, committee for the National Academies' committee, draft report for the FFRDC team's work, and review or review report for the committee's work.
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... The National Academies will publicly announce the specific dates for the meeting once these have been determined. To perform its peer review task, the National Academies formed a committee composed of 14 experts and 1 technical consultant whose expertise spans the issues relevant for reviewing the FFRDC's analysis, including risk assessment, cost estimation, cost-benefit analysis, waste pretreatment, supplemental treatment approaches, legal and regulatory requirements, and large-scale nuclear construction projects.
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... 3. Does the FFRDC's report provide additional analysis for the grout treatment approach as identified in the FFRDC report for section 3134 of the National Defense Authorization Act of 2017?
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... Rather, in the spirit of a peer review, they are points for consideration by the FFRDC as it completes its final report.

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