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... Glossary Agglomerate: reform into lumps of suitable size (Encyclopedia Britannica, 2022b) Base metal: a metal (e.g., zinc, lead)
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... 188 THE POTENTIAL IMPACTS OF GOLD MINING IN VIRGINIA Intrusive: igneous rock formed within the crust Island arc: a curved chain of volcanic islands that are found along tectonic plate margins (Merriam-Webster, 2022) Lixiviant: a liquid medium used in hydrometallurgy to selectively extract the desired metal from the ore or mineral (AIME, 1917)
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... GLOSSARY 189 Terranes: coherent units of Earth's crust that have a distinct geologic history and that are bounded by faults (Encyclopedia Britannica, 2022b) Triassic: a geologic period that began approximately 251 million years ago and ended 200 million years ago (USGS, 2007a)

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