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Appendix A: Committee Member and Staff Biographical Sketches
Pages 191-196

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From page 191...
... He has considerable experience evaluating how activities such as fossil fuel extraction, combustion, and accidental spills affect the environment. He regularly provides guidance to state and federal agencies, industry, and other stakeholders on issues related to environmental degradation and threats to biodiversity.
From page 192...
... Bodnar's group has worked on gold, silver, copper, and other metal deposit types in various geological environments around the world, and recently led a multidisciplinary and multiyear study examining uranium deposits and environmental impacts of mining in Virginia's Piedmont region. Bodnar has been awarded the Society of Economic Geologists Lindgren Award and Silver Medal, the American Geophysical Union's N.L.
From page 193...
... Locke is an experienced environmental health professional with expertise in environmental health risk assessment, radiation risk communication, environmental law, and occupational health and toxicology policy. He is a National Associate of the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine's National Research Council and has chaired two National Academies committees -- the Committee on Uranium Mining in Virginia and the Committee to Study the Potential Health Effects of Surface Coal Mining in Central Appalachia -- and served as a committee member on at least seven other National Academies committees.
From page 194...
... This technical background supports the permitting and regulatory duties of his current role at DEQ, which include implementing state regulations to analyze operation plans, reclamation plans, and bonding for hard rock mines and mills; producing interdisciplinary environmental impact review documents; engaging with mine operators through site inspections and evaluating compliance with state and federal regulations; and conducting meetings with the public and other stakeholders. Smith's education and training include an M.S.
From page 195...
... in geology from the University of Alberta. Miles Lansing is a Program Assistant with the Board on Earth Sciences and Resources and the Water Science and Technology Board at the National Academies.

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