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... Appendix E Comparison to Other Deposits The Statement of Task requests that the committee include a discussion of current gold mining operations at sites with comparable geologic, mineralogical, hydrologic, and climatic characteristics to those found in the Commonwealth (see Box 1-3)
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... 206 THE POTENTIAL IMPACTS OF GOLD MINING IN VIRGINIA Virginia deposits in that much of the mineralization is disseminated in a siltstone at Haile rather than occurring in distinct quartz veins, the mineralized zones are much wider with barren or low-grade rock between mineralized zones (which requires open pit mining) , and the ores are more arsenic rich and contain much fewer base metals (Foley and Ayuso, 2012; Foley et al., 2001; Mobley et al., 2014; SRK Consulting, 2020)
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... APPENDIX E 207 between their shear zone–hosted gold mineralization and nearby volcanogenic massive sulfide deposits. In other respects, the Bousquet deposits are not comparable to Virginia gold deposits.

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