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Executive Summary
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... The committee also drew on global case studies and papers, previous National Academies activities such as the Nobel Prize Summit 2021, a bounded literature review, and members' expertise. Although the scope of the challenges and opportunities are global with many research investigations and actions needed, the committee developed the following research priorities and possible 1
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... Universities could undertake initiatives to assist faculty and stu dents to develop Voluntary University Reviews to ensure that students regardless of major are exposed to the challenges and opportunities in sustainable development, and to partner with local and national govern ment and nonprofit organizations to advance the SDGs. Cities and school districts could initiate and support locally relevant K-12 learning on the SDGs, and governments and education leaders could engage the public to raise awareness of the SDGs.
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... Public, private, and other organizations could create more blended finance options given the growing demand for positive environmental, social, and governance investments. Chapters 2–9 list all of the research priorities and possible actionable steps.

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