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1 Introduction
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... The workshop considered barriers to and opportunities for implementing these i­nterventions, and highlighted existing policy efforts to incorporate these interventions into statewide health care strategies. Since many terms used in this proceedings can have multiple definitions, the workshop planning committee outlines the following key definitions: • Prevention: universal prevention addressing the entire population, regardless of risk level; • Adolescent: youth aged 10–19, with an emphasis on the earlier years in the range; • Health care setting: including all health care providers (e.g., pedia tricians, physician assistants, and nurse practitioners)
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... Discussions on the first day made the case for family-focused interventions in health care settings and outlined the barriers and opportunities that might exist during implementation and scale-up of such interventions. The second day highlighted policies available to support family-focused interventions and featured perspectives from several federal agencies on their work related to substance use disorder.

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