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... Committee on Emerging Trends in Aviation Safety Virtual Meeting #1 August 30, 2021 SESSION 1 -- CLOSED BIAS AND CONFLICT OF INTEREST OVERVIEW OF STUDY 12:30–1:00 Overview of National Academies' Processes Review Study Statement of Task and Timeline 1:00–1:30 Overview of Report Communications SESSION 2 -- OPEN STUDY PERSPECTIVES 2:00–3:00 Perspectives from Congressional Committee Staff Staffers involved in the legislation for this effort will discuss the motivation, complexity, and relevance of the study, as well as the likely audiences for the report recommendations and important stakeholders to engage. Appendix B Public Meeting Agendas 97
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... 98 EMERGING HAZARDS IN COMMERCIAL AVIATION -- REPORT 1 3:00–3:30 Perspectives from the Study Sponsor Mr. Warren Randolph, Deputy Executive Director of the Office of Accident Investigation and Prevention (AVP)
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... APPENDIX B 99 Andrew Le Bovidge, Executive Vice President, National Air Traffic Controllers Association (NATCA) Joseph Sedor, Chief of Major Investigations, National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB)
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... 100 EMERGING HAZARDS IN COMMERCIAL AVIATION -- REPORT 1 SESSION 2 -- OPEN BRIEFINGS FROM KEY STAKEHOLDERS 12:30–1:00 Briefing on United Kingdom Flight Safety Council Dai Whittingham, Chief Executive, UK Flight Safety Committee 1:00–3:30 Break 3:30–5:00 Mark Millam, Vice President Technical, Flight Safety Foundation Kathy Abbott, Chief Scientific and Technical Advisor on Flight Deck Human Factors, FAA SESSION 3 -- CLOSED COMMITTEE DELIBERATION 5:00–5:30 Committee discussions on speaker presentations Virtual Meeting #5 January 28, 2022 SESSION 1 -- OPEN BRIEFINGS FROM KEY STAKEHOLDERS 1:00–3:30 Heather Danner, Acting Deputy Executive Director in the Office of Accident Investigations and Prevention, and Jodi Baker, Deputy Executive Director of Aircraft Certification Service, FAA Jeffery Schroeder, Chief Scientific and Technical Advisor, and Barbara Adams, Acting Manager of the Training and FSTD Policy Development Section in the Air Transportation Division, FAA David Hempe, Deputy Director of Strategic Initiatives, Aircraft Certification Service, FAA Terry McVenes, President and CEO, Radio Technical Commission for Aeronautics James Klinect, CEO, Line Operation Safety Audit (LOSA) Collaborative
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... APPENDIX B 101 SESSION 2 -- CLOSED COMMITTEE DELIBERATION 3:30–5:00 Committee discussions on speaker presentations Virtual Meeting #6 April 22, 2022 SESSION 1 -- OPEN BRIEFINGS FROM FAA AND MITRE ON CAST AND ASIAS PROGRAMS 3:00–5:00 Vivek Sood, Technical Advisor Vulnerability Discovery and Safety Measurement, FAA Shweta Mulcare, Outcome Lead on ASIAS and Advanced Analytics Evolution, MITRE Don Carter, Manager of Safety Information Management System Analysis and Reporting, Southwest Airlines Mike Schilz, Safety Information Analysis Program

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