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... 141   Conclusions and Proposals 5.1 Conclusions An integrated multilevel analytical and experimental research program was conducted to investigate the potential benefits, fabrication challenges, and design issues of using 0.7-in. strands in pretensioned girders.
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... 142 Use of 0.7-in. Diameter Strands in Precast Pretensioned Girders strands.
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... Conclusions and Proposals 143   strands twist while being pulled out. Workers need to be informed that 0.7-in.
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... 144 Use of 0.7-in. Diameter Strands in Precast Pretensioned Girders flange from the end of the beam for a distance not less than 1.5d beyond the termination of the longest debonded length.
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... Conclusions and Proposals 145   fy,tie = yield strength of tie reinforcement (ksi) hb = depth of bottom bulb (in.)

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