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... 62 AADT annual average daily traffic AASHO American Association of State Highway Officials AASHTO American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials ADOT Arizona Department of Transportation ADT average daily traffic AFT Accelerated Failure Time (model) AIC Akaike Information Criterion ALT alternative shielded median AP capital recovery factor BCR benefit-cost ratio BIC Bayesian Information Criterion Caltrans California Department of Transportation CASS Trinity's cable safety system CIF cumulative incidence function CMC cross-median crash CME cross-median event CO cross-over-the-center line/cross-over (crash)
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... Abbreviations 63   mph miles per hour MLE maximum likelihood estimate MRE median-related event MVM million vehicle miles MVMT million vehicle miles traveled NA not available NB northbound NCHRP National Cooperative Highway Research Program NDRF non-designed roadside feature NTSB National Transportation Safety Board NULL alternative unshielded alternative ODOT Ohio Department of Transportation pc passenger cars P(CMC) probability of a CMC PDO property damage only PennDOT Pennsylvania Department of Transportation PH Proportional Hazard (model)

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