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... 1 Summary This Guide provides airports and major regional stakeholders concerned with economic development with the information and tools necessary to understand and communicate the nexus between air service and regional employment. Understanding that connection and being able to relate it to the region that the airport serves will better enable airports and regional stakeholders to build support for air service initiatives and regional development goals that benefit the entire community.
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... 2 Chapter 3 introduces the 14 case studies that illustrate differences in how air service and economic activity have changed. To help the widest array of airport regions find situations that are most comparable to their own, the case studies reflect all airport hub sizes, different service offerings and reflect regional economies that vary greatly in underlying strengths.
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... 3 different airport regions that reflect a wide range of airport sizes, service offerings, and structures of regional economies. The Guide also includes information on how to better communicate these contributions to different audiences of stakeholders.

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