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... 91 A P P E N D I X I Glossary of Key Terms and Data Elements Air Service Data Indicator Description O&D traffic O&D records the full itinerary or routing that a passenger is flying between their origin (O) and their destination (D)
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... 92 Enplaned Freight/ Departure Performed Known as freight per departure, it provides a way to benchmark whether a flight of a specific aircraft type is carrying more or less freight over time Payload Total weight in pounds of freight and/or mail that an aircraft can accommodate on a given segment. This amount takes into account the certified takeoff weight of an aircraft including the weight of passengers and associated luggage (if applicable)
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... 93 Cargo tech Airports and their cargo communities are adopting new technologies to increase efficiencies in air cargo processes and supply chains. Cargo Community Systems (CCS)
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... 94 Socioeconomic Data and Concepts Indicator Description Employment The number of jobs or employees (or some other measure of labor such as Full Time Equivalent) associated with the activity that is being examined.
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... 95 Indicator Description Consumer Spending Sometimes known as personal consumption expenditures, these statistics show the goods and services purchased by, or on behalf of, people living in the U.S. LQ Measures of how an industry's presence in a region compares to the national average.
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... 96 Indicator Description CSA Defined by the federal government as an area consisting of two or more adjacent metropolitan or micropolitan statistical areas with a sufficiently large employment interchange. Micropolitan statistical area Defined by the federal government as an area consisting of a core county or counties in which lies an urban area having a population of 10,000 to 50,000, plus adjacent counties having a high degree of social and economic integration with the core counties as measured through commuting ties.

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