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Appendix B: Best Practices for Laboratories
Pages 122-125

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From page 122...
... While the committee report summarized findings, conclusions, and recommendations for restoration of existing laboratories and planning for new ones, questions about using best practices from industry came up more than once. The purpose of this appendix is simply to share ideas used by other facility managers for OFPM to evaluate, choose, and use.
From page 123...
... The general guideline of benchmarking and building cost analysis is that everything from the walls-in is facility manager accountability, while everything outside of that is subject to other expenses, including capital expenses and their analyses. One of the strategies of laboratory management is to simultaneously maintain the facility for current operations and needs, while continuously improving the facility to meet evolving research demands.
From page 124...
... These goals and techniques are seeking to promote flexibility, collaboration, image, new ventures, multi-disciplinary laboratories, and less cost to the owners as cited in dollars per GSF project results. The IFMA R&D Council frequently discussed the role of facility managers in leading projects and the key consideration was that they need to be very capable.
From page 125...
... Modeling is always a fruitful exercise because it enables the teams to debate options, pros and cons, and construction costs with an approximately 30-35 percent range and long-term adaptability. (Some people believe ultimate flexibility is best, but no homebuilder plumbs a music room to enable future conversion to a kitchen.)

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