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Appendix E: Glossary
Pages 152-157

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From page 152...
... Congress may not necessarily indicate specific line item requirements, but rather allow NIST the latitude to determine line item type delineation in 152
From page 153...
... Not a "recapitalization project." capital strategy: Includes all individual capital projects that will be necessary to build out the two campuses' master plans. The Integrated Master Plan Implementation Report contains and describes in priority order most of the individual capital projects.
From page 154...
... facility operations: Activities necessary to support the normal use of existing facilities (e.g., facility leases, custodial services, grounds services, waste disposal, and operations [not facilities sustainment, renovation, modernization, or expansion] of utility infrastructure [called central utilities generation and distribution operations]
From page 155...
... Integrated Master Plans Implementation Report: The 2020 document of this title was product of NIST's traditional master planning practice and organization. It contained 11 proposed, CMR-funded projects and 11 proposed SCMMR-funded projects and was supposed to set the roadmap for the next 20 to 30 years of the NIST capital projects program.
From page 156...
... As applied to the currently unsatisfactory NIST facilities situation, recovery is a return from the current, unsatisfactory state of widespread physical deterioration and functional obsolescence to a normal state of good physical condition and modern functional ity capable of supporting world-class research. recovery plan: OFPM's proposed "2-pronged approach" to recover from NIST's current unsatisfactory facilities situation.
From page 157...
... This report uses CRV when referring to relevant NRC guidance, and uses the equivalent term, RV, when referring to relevant Federal Real Property Council guidance. restoration: Returning real property to such a physical condition and functionality that it may be used for its designated purpose.

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