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1 Introduction
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... Siden admitted spending several hours with this one patient and his family, counseling, providing support, and developing a plan -- work his background in social services prepared him well for. Two days later, Siden received an email from the university administration confirming students' central role in the patient care mission thereby authorizing them to remain in their clinical placements so long as there was sufficient personal protective equipment (PPE)
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... In her opening of the workshop, Erin Patel, acting chief of health professions education for the Office of Academic Affiliations at the Veterans Health Administration, acknowledged the challenges experienced by students and the entire health professions education system as it pivoted in response to each new institutional decision based on changing pandemic situations. With support from 19 health professional students, the workshop planning committee organized and conducted the workshop according to its Statement of Task (Box 1-1)
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... The workshop sessions included facilitated discussions to draw upon individual experiences, as participants critiqued and added to the decision tree which, said Cain, could facilitate dialogue in health and education systems faced with crises beyond the current pandemic situation. WORKSHOP SESSIONS The first five workshop sessions -- held virtually on September 30, ­ ctober 27, November 5, November 11, and November 22 -- focused on O different aspects of decision making during the early days of the pandemic.

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