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... Fare-Free Transit Evaluation Framework 2-22 Promote Financial Health  Maintain existing external funding sources – Revenue from employer fare subsidies – Revenue from other external sources (e.g., local, state, federal)  Access additional funding sources – New funding opportunities through local partnerships, state, and federal funding  Reduce additional costs – Additional administration costs (e.g., marketing, eligibility verification)
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... Fare-Free Transit Evaluation Framework 2-23 Framework in Practice: KCATA Evaluation Outreach When evaluating fare-free transit after the policy had been implemented in 2020, the Kansas City Area Transportation Authority (KCATA) project team reached out to key stakeholders and the public for three purposes: 1.
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... Fare-Free Transit Evaluation Framework 2-24 Step 7: Establish selection criteria The final step in designing the evaluation plan is to establish appropriate criteria for determining the feasibility of a fare-free transit alternative. This gives the project team a chance to define thresholds for the performance of the alternatives across various performance measures.

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