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... Fare-Free Transit Evaluation Framework 3-18 This elevation of public discourse around a fare-free policy is not unique to public transit; major transportation policy changes across all modes often result in an increase in positive and negative public discourse surrounding the policy change. Challenges with Public Perspective in Ellensburg Some fare-free transit agencies, such as Ellensburg Central Transit (Ellensburg, WA)
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... Fare-Free Transit Evaluation Framework 3-19 International Fare-Free Transit Context Fare-free transit has been used as a tool to achieve sustainability goals, reduce congestion, and reduce the cost of transportation across Europe, South America, and Asia. To better understand the international context of fare-free transit, the research team reviewed a 2020 report, Why (not)
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... Fare-Free Transit Evaluation Framework 3-20 spurred the region to levy a transport tax on large business that generates approximately €5.7 million for equipment, maintenance, and labor costs. The subsequent system improvements produced a 136% increase in ridership.

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